Andrew Buryak a talented artist with his own painting manner

4 Last-day of summer55x110

A combination of many professional features is characteristic to painting of Andrew Buryak  and it is rather difficult to point out the one that prevails. His small, half-light paintings are characterized by their internal readiness for expression; they open up vastness for subtexts and wake your imagination. Naive dreaminess,  sentimentality  and contemplative concentration on intriguing relations of a familiar object,  understatement,  detachment penetrate into creativity of Andrew Buryak
Trinkets emphasizing a personage make-up, rolling folds of silk drapery, hands covering faces, scattered seashells and apples - all these elements are born by short joyfulness of everyday life or memories of long-distance trips and they are woven into painting fabric effortlessly, winning an unsophisticated onlooker by attractiveness of theatrical performance.


2015- NordArt , International Exhibition  Contemporary Art, Bedelsdorf, Germany.